Specialist Event Photography

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12 x 8" Montages and Mag Covers.


We have been able to do Montages and Magazine Covers for some time now although we have had to outsource the printing making the cost not that viable.
However, now we have invested in our own 12 x 8”(A4 approximately) dye sub printer which produces some great results that match that of the High Street stores and Professional Labs.

A special promotional price for one of these until 30th June 2012 will be:
Up to three photos on one montage £20.00
Thereafter £4.00 for each additional photo (Subject to design and fit).
If your event does not show this on the price list, please contact us for more details.

Great Christmas Ideas

Bit early for this one ?? Well not according to the TV and media ad’s.

Throughout the year we sell quite a few canvasses to some very happy and satisfied customers.
The reactions to ‘all’ canvasses have been phenomenal, sometimes even resulting in some happy tears
(‘Tears’ as in crying, not ‘tears’ as in ripped canvas)

So why not consider buying one for the
ideal Christmas present.
From today up until Christmas we will offer a
10% discount on all canvasses in which we have provided the photography.
Contact Us for a free quote stating that it is part of the xmas canvas deal.